Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hey! Let's Vote On Your Best Suggestions On What To Name 'Planet Nine'

...here are the four of the best suggestions:
— Janus was suggested many times. Here's how TymmConner explained it: "As it is found at the end of the solar system, thus the beginning of the vast unknown cosmos, it should be named accordingly. The Roman Deity for endings and beginnings is Janus."
— CeloBillGoodwin explains: "Latin meaning conceal, heaven, keep secret, be silent, cover, hide, keep back, veil, hush"
— Proserpina. AndreaBlankiship writes: "The planet name definitely has to remain Roman. You can't break up a set. To that end I suggest Proserpina. She is in the underworld and not seen for great lengths of time, near Pluto, master of the underworld." And Dean Lovett adds: "She was abducted by Pluto (god of the underworld). Her mother's search for her are subject of Roman art and literature."
— Black Star. User33297 writes: "In honor of David Bowie."
And here is where you vote. We'll be in touch with the winner so we can send them some NPR swag:

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