Saturday, June 27, 2015

zookeepers recreating Jurassic World dinosaur training

After literally the biggest opening weekend ever, Jurassic World fever has taken over, well, the world. Everyone wishes they could hop on a motorcycle and hang out with some dinosaurs, right? Sadly, we can’t grab a frosty beverage and enjoy watching pterodactyls flapping around an atrium quite yet. I know, we’re sad about it too. But, we have uncovered some real life Chris Pratts working hard and joining in on the Jurassic World hype.
Keepers and trainers at aquariums and zoos all over are announcing their membership in Pratt’s raptor squad. Starting on Twitter, keepers have been posting photos recreating the famous shot of Pratt’s character Owen Grady taming the velociraptors. I love a good meme, and these photos are amazing. What better way to spread the word about zoos and aquariums?

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