Thursday, June 25, 2015

How To Get More Nutrition By Pairing Foods

You'll get more plant-based iron from black beans if you eat them with something rich in vitamin C, like red pepper.

Eating eggs with your salad helps boost absorption of carotenoids — the pigments in tomatoes and carrots. It's the fat in the egg yolk that is responsible for upping the nutrient intake. And, as we've reported, oil-based salad dressing helps accomplish the same goal.

Turmeric is loaded with an anti-inflammatory and anticancer compound called curcumin. To reap all the curcumin you can get, mix turmeric with black pepper.

If you want to take advantage of all that calcium in yogurt, you're going to need some vitamin D. So why not step outside to enjoy the creamy snack under the UV rays of the mid-day sun?

 Why is this combo a vegetarian staple? Because hummus made with sesame seeds (in tahini) slathered on whole wheat bread gives you all the amino acids to form a complete protein.

After corn is soaked in lime and water, then ground up, all kinds of nutrients in the corn are released and made available for absorption — calcium, iron, niacin and minerals. This is why corn tortillas have been one of the bedrocks of Mesoamerican cuisine for millennia.

Of course, not all pairings are beneficial. It turns out that phytates — a kind of acid — in things like tea and coffee may decrease the absorption of iron and zinc. So if you're having bacon with your morning coffee, you're not going to pick quite as many nutrients out of breakfast as you might otherwise.

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