Monday, July 14, 2014

reduce greenhouse gas emissions; eat less meat

 In one UK study, vegetarians had roughly half the carbon footprint of meat eaters. That is, they produced less greenhouse gas emissions. But if you can’t give up meat completely, reducing the quantity you consume or giving up beef can make a big difference.
“The carbon footprint of red meat is absolutely phenomenal,” Alter said. “The food cows get fed is very high energy input, and they make a lot of methane.”
Giving up meat won’t help much if you’re buying out-of-season produce that has to be flown in from far-off places. “Chicken has a lower carbon footprint than a hothouse tomato,” Alter said. “So much energy goes into heating the greenhouses. You have to look at what you’re eating and be sensible.” Aim for local and in-season foods as much as you can. (Plus, you’ll save 10% to 15% by sticking with in-season produce.) bbc

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