Monday, January 27, 2014

Some of the Earliest Maps of Stonehenge, Made by a Druid-Obsessed English Vicar

These maps and illustrations appeared in British antiquarian and vicar William Stukeley’s 1740 book, Stonehenge, A Temple Restor’d to the British Druids. Harvard’s Widener Library has recently digitized its copy of the book. You can see the whole text here.
In more than 30 illustrations, Stukeley’s book documents the way Stonehenge appeared when he visited it in the early 18thcentury. The historian was only the second scholarly investigator (after the 17th-century antiquarian John Aubrey) to take an interest in the site, and the first to publish a comprehensive account of what he found on his visits, including images of the way that the monument looked in context of the surrounding farmland.

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