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We have probably all seen this adorable video of the slow loris being tickled or even this one of a slow loris holding a tiny umbrella, but these seemingly innocent videos are actually the result of incredible amounts of animal cruelty.

The Slow Loris is a nocturnal primate from Southeast Asia but thanks to the millions of hits on youtube, slow lorises have become a “must have pet” and are being plucked from their natural habitat and sold for upto £3,500 ($5,500US)Now you would be lucky to see a slow loris in the wild, these beautiful creatures are endangered.
If this wasn’t bad enough, what these people do to these animals before they are “pet-ready” is so much worse.
slow lorises have a toxic bite, and because of this before they are sold they have their teeth ripped out with pilars or nail clippers so that they don’t cause damage to their “owners”.
This horrible process often causes infection and slow and painful deaths to the lorises.

They are also NOCTURNAL animals, which is why in the videos they are not just being “cute” these animals are disoriented and BLINDED by the bright light.These harmless little animals suffer terrible stress from exposure to the sunlight at these markets where they are dumped in cramped cages. These timid creatures normally move about quietly in the darkness of the night. 
‘The markets, where they are surrounded by other animals and people, are a nightmare for them. Tragically, many of them die from trauma even before they have been sold.

although there is a global high protection order under the endangered species conventions, that doesn’t stop them being adbucted and sold on the black market.
Few to no lorises can be found in the wild today, suggesting that the illegal trade may be the cause of the population decline. They are now feared to be on the verge of extinction, which is very serious
all because people want to keep these guys as pets. 

When will people learn to just leave animals in the wild, why is there such an obsession with “owning” exotic pets. Your greed and selfishness has put so many animals on the verge of inexistance. You have no right to steal someone from their home and MUTILATE their body, cause them stress and even death all because you want a cute little pet.

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also sign this petition to get the videos removed from youtube 

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