Saturday, September 29, 2012

michael elion

Michael Elion has created a gorgeous, man-made rainbow in front of the Commune1 Gallery in Cape Town. Visible every sunny day for about an hour, from now until October 14, the colourful arc is a magical creation that transforms a banal urban street into a land of wonder.
The rainbow consists of water vapour and sunlight and is generated using a high pressure pump powered by a petrol motor. Water from the tank flows through the pump and exits via high pressure hosing with special nozzles attached to the end of a lance. The nozzles atomize the water to the correct particle size by controlling the angle at which the water exits the nozzle at a particular pressure. The flow-rate of the water through the pump, relative to the pump’s pressure setting and the shape of the nozzle all contribute towards how vividly the rainbow will appear.

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