Friday, April 1, 2011


Sun's day
Sunday. Greek: Helios, Apollo. Roman: Sol. (Diamanche)
Moon's day
Monday. Greek: Selene, Roman: Luna. (Lundi)
Tiw's day
Tuesday. Nordic god of War and the sky. Greek: Ares, Roman: Mars. (Mardi)
Woden's day
Wednesday. Norse Odin, the supreme God. He established the laws that governed the universe, created the first man and woman, and controlled human destiny. His wife was Frigg, and his children included Thor, Balder, and Tiw. Greek: Hermes, Roman: Mercury. (Mercredi)
Thor's day
Thursday. Norse god of thunder, might, and war—also associated with marriage, the hearth, and agriculture. He was armed with a magical hammer that returned to him, iron gloves, and a belt of strength. Greek: Zeus, Roman: Jupiter. (Jeudi)
Frigg's day
Friday. Frigg, Norse mother goddess and the wife of Woden. Queen of the heavens, a deity of love and the household. Greek: Aphrodite, Roman: Venus. (Vendredi)
Saturn's day
Saturday. In Roman religion, god of time and harvests, agriculture. On his festival, the Saturnalia, work ceased, gifts were exchanged, and war was outlawed. Greek: Chronos, Roman: Saturn. (Samedi)

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