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This is a tiny octopus from Antarctica whos venom works in sup-zero temperatures.

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still underground?!


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4. When talking about how long ago the dinosaurs lived, we use this word to describe the numbers of years. It is part of the abbreviation “mya”

6. The earliest mammals evolved from these.

7. The period of the Mesozoic Era made famous in a movie about bringing dinosaurs back to life

9. Evidence of past life

10. The major unit of geologic time. There are four of these, including the Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and the Cenozoic.

11. The study of rocks, including fossil remains.

13. The permanent loss of a species. When the species is gone forever it “goes ______”.


1. Also known as the Age of the Ruling Reptiles.

2. The group of reptiles that ruled the land millions of years ago.

3. These flying animals are still common today. They evolved from dinosaurs.

5. Along with the dinosaur and the pterosaur, this was one of the three Ruling Reptiles. Some species of this animal still live along waterways in Florida and Africa.

8. A time when the Earth got very cold and huge glaciers covered the north.

9. Evidence left behind where a dinosaur has walked. A hadrosaur left one of these behind in Aniakchak National Park

12. The parts of dinosaurs most often found as fossils. These help us to understand what dinosaurs may have looked like.