Monday, April 12, 2010

double down

By Ian Chillag

Sandwich Monday on WWDBM continues. We just sat down with the already legendary KFC Double Down sandwich, which is basically a bacon sandwich with fried chicken in place of the bread.

12:39: Eva: I need a fork.
12:39: Lorna: It's spicy.
12:40: Ian: It's really a triumph of nature. When they're alive, a chicken never gets to have a pork inside of it.

Much, much, way too much more after the jump.

12:40: Peter: This is not as repulsive as I thought it would be.
12:41: Mike: I worry about the future of bread.
12:41: Eva: Yeah, this is the end of bread.
12:42: Lorna: What's the point of this?
12:42: Mike: The website says people complained they didn't have enough chicken in their chicken sandwich.
12:43: Eva: This is a big "screw you" to the people who complained.

12:45: Ian: It's hard to taste the stuff in the middle. Chicken is stronger than bread.
12:45: Mike: Chicken is stronger than everything.
12:46: Eva: Can we admit it's good?
12:46: Peter: If I was going to kill myself with eating, this wouldn't be a bad way to go.

12:46: Shantell: It's lonely without the bread. It's a lonely sandwich.
12:46: Mike: Yeah, I'm nostalgic for bread.
12:46: Ian: Do you remember the days when sandwiches were made with bread, not chicken?
12:47: Mike: Seriously, this is rewriting the rules of lunch. And of sandwiches. We're going to replace peanut butter and jelly with chicken and chicken.
12:48: Ian: Right, from now on, the word "sandwich" just means "stack of chicken."

12:51: Brian: This sandwich is an Al Qaeda plot.
12:51: Mike: This is a Last Days type of thing, right? Didn't the Romans reveal a Double Down before they fell?
12:51: Ian: I shouldn't be typing while eating this. My keyboard is really shiny.

12:53: Ian: It's funny, after the fried one, you feel like the grilled one is Healthy. But it's still cheese and bacon surrounded by chicken.
12:55: Emily: I think I just ate my dinner.
12:55: Mike: I think I just ate everyone's dinner.

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