Tuesday, January 26, 2010



1- Before you can start your dreadlocks, it's best to dry your hair out. For at least a week, do not use any conditioner in your hair. If you can stand it, wash your hair with bar soapinstead of shampoo. This will dry it out.

2- Separate your hair into sections and braid it. Each braid will become one dreadlock, so plan accordingly. Leave the braids in at least one day. This will give your hair some wave which makes it easier to dread.

3- Take out one braid. Use your come and back-comb the hair to make it knotty. Then spread some dread wax on your hands and roll the new dreadlock between them. Repeat the backcombing and rolling process several times until it is starting to look like a dreadlock.

4- Do this for each of the braids until you have a head full of dreads.

5- Over the next couple of weeks, you are still in a precarious situation. Getting your hair wet in the shower may loosen your budding dreadlocks. To help them form, try soaking your hair in salt water. This will further dry out your hair. Apply more wax as needed.

Do Not leave a part when dreading!!

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